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Doreme pigments are neutral for human body and do not contain preservatives or carcinogens,
which has been confirmed by many tests.

About Doreme pigments

Doreme pigments are neutral for human body
and do not contain preservatives

They also do not contain carcinogenic substances, which has been confirmed by many tests. They are also suitable for allergy sufferers. Each shade has an MSDS card necessary to show the ingredients used in their production and safety data sheets in Polish. They are produced in a pharmaceutical laboratory in South Korea, not bottled in Poland. They have the required safety certificates of the German Dermatest laboratory and CE certificates. In addition, Doreme pigments have undergone SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance) quality tests, which confirmed that they do not contain heavy metals and meet global norms and standards in the field of micropigmentation.

They were also certified by the KOREA TESTING & RESEARCH INSTITUDE. In February 2022, they were certified by the German Laboratory CTL GmbH Bielefeld. Thus, we have obtained confirmation that Doreme pigments meet the strictest global standards regarding purity and the content of ingredients marked as undesirable in individual regulations regarding pigments and chemical mixtures. We wish you successful work with our pigments.

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5 Unusual series of pigments

A guarantee of quality and safety

The Doreme brand has 79 colors arranged in five lines that differ in tone, color and consistency. 79 colors consist of pigments for styling eyebrows, lips, eyes, paramedical implants (areola), modifiers and camouflages. Doreme is a brand created for creative linergists who have endless possibilities of mixing and combining colors.

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79 colors to choose from

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Doreme permanent makeup pigments are a guarantee of quality and safety. They are inorganic and also mineral, stable and hypoallergenic pigments, which is why they ensure durability and uniformity of pigmentation

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Doreme Pigments

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I have been looking for saturated, well-settling pigments that do not change color after healing for a long time and I found it! I highly recommend Doreme pigments

Katarzyna KasieczkaSempre Bella

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